Video Onstage This Kinds An All Drake Of Is Kissing Underage Girl Zd0qBd7P Video Onstage This Kinds An All Drake Of Is Kissing Underage Girl Zd0qBd7P

Video Onstage This Kinds An All Drake Of Is Kissing Underage Girl Zd0qBd7P

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Ordered from Corrupt a while ago but had some issues with the address/shipping, ordered most recently 19 January, he said it shipped out the weekend of 23 February, but the package ship date is 20 March and I received today. Not sure why he would ship it a month later than when he said, but shipping was quick.

Communication: 8/10

Sometimes answers, sometimes doesn't, sometimes takes a while to reply

Cost: 10/10

Pretty good, especially considering there he's one of the only ones to produce MN IDs

Shipping: 4/10

Had some issues previously with the address, this is the third shipment and it finally arrived. Probably not the norm tho, not sure what his turnaround time actually is

signature: 9/10

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Video Kissing All Is Girl Kinds Drake Underage Of An Onstage This Good, seems to be the right size, but probably could be centered more instead of to the side.

This Kinds Drake Girl Video All An Is Underage Of Onstage Kissing

Kinds This Girl Drake All Onstage Is Underage Video An Kissing Of Pictures:

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template: 9/10

Very bendy. Comparing to Bar Book, everything looks pretty much spot on, the yellow sun seems like it could be a bit smaller, i.e. not covering the M and starting between the I and the N. The 'Minnesota' cursive text should also probably not extend as far to the right, but minor details. Not sure if ZIP is supposed to be 5 or 9 digits as I've seen both. Signature could be more centered. DL # correctly formatted, with sum of first 3 digits = sum of last 3 digits.

This Onstage Drake Is An Kissing Girl Underage Of Kinds Video All

photoshop: 9/10

The Photoshop is decent, ear shadows are present. Not sure if the distortion of the picture is normal/intentional. Also not sure how the quality is supposed to be, the picture on the ID seems to be bit too good quality, but maybe MN just uses nice cameras

holograms/OVI: 7/10

Real MN has no holograms, besides for the loons, but he did mention these IDs would not have the loons – I don't really know what that is anyways/how many bouncers out of state would know about them, also considering how few people have MN fakes

uv: 10/10

Girl Kinds Is Drake Underage This An Onstage Video All Of Kissing Picture: It's there, shows up decently well

Is Onstage An Kissing Girl Drake Of Kinds All Video This Underage

scanning: 9/10

Shows up as valid on BCS, but scanning on both BCS and pdf417, address isn't present at all (empty) and expiration date is 01-01-2099. Not great.

conclusion: 9/10

Overall pretty good, had some problems but in the end it came thru, scanning could be an issue tho as the address does not show up at all, and the expiration date shows as 01-01-2099. Otherwise, out of state, you're probably good, especially seeing how few MN fakes there are, unless the bouncer thinks it's 'too flimsy' or 'doesn't have holo' or whatever. In state, the ID doesn't have loons, so may be a giveaway.

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